Armco TVs in Kenya: Reviews, Specs and Prices

Where do Armco TVs come from?

Armco stands for African Radio Manufacturing Company. It was formed in the year 1972 as a joint venture between the Kenyan government and  Sanyo electronics. They aimed at providing electronics suitable to Africans. Armco Kenya is the main seller and distributor of Armco TVs in Kenya. They have their headquarters and services center in Westlands Nairobi.

Armco TVs In Kenya

For over 4 centuries now, Armco has been providing Kenyans and Africa at large with Armco TVs and other electronic products manufactured specifically for the African market. However, The company is experiencing stiff competition from other brands who have emerged as cheap sellers of electronics. Armco TVs and home appliances in Kenya are sold and distributed by Armco Kenya.

Reasons to Buy Armco TVs

Are Made with African Consumption In Mind

As stated earlier, the venture between Kenyan government and Sanyo electronics put Kenyan considerations first. Armco TVs  have been quality tested in the African market as opposed to other flat screen television sets that are tested in European and American markets. With an Armco TV, you are sure to get a TV that has been tried and tested specifically for you.

Customer care support

Armco provides a good customer care and technical support to its clients.  Armco Kenya has a network of licensed technical support officers all over the country who will help you in the event you face technical issues with your Armco TV.


Cheap but of High Quality

In Kenya, One can get a quality Armco digital LED TV with less than Kshs 20,000.  Armco has cheap flat screen TVs of  high quality regardless of size, elegant and stylish look that easily compliment your home decor as opposed to other TV brands that reserve quality features for expensive models.

Inbuilt free to air Decoder  with Multimedia Connectivity

Armco TVs are digital TVs which means they come with an inbuilt decoder that allows one to watch free to air channels in Kenya thus no need to  buy a decoder to watch local channels. Armco TVs also do support multimedia connectivity thanks to its several ports i.e HDMI, USB, VGA  and Cable ports.

Armco TV Models Available in Kenya


Key Features of Armco TVs

  • Full HD LED Display Technology
  • Quality Pictures
  • Inbuilt Free To Air TV Decoder.
  • Energy Saving TV
  •  AC and DC Power support
  • Narrow Frame Design
  • Supports Video Recording
  • Supports several sound modes
  •  HDMI and USB ports
  • 1 year guaranteed Warranty

Armco TV Models, Specs & Features

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