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Best Toasters in Kenya

Do you enjoy golden and crispy toasts for your breakfast? This list of the best toasters in Kenya will help you decide which toaster you should entrust with your crunchy bite. Lets dive right in!



10 Best Toasters in Kenya

Von Hotpoint HT232DW - Two-Slice Toaster RAMTONS RM/195-Slice Pop Up Toaster SATURN Toaster
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  • 2 slice Toaster
  • Browning control (7 settings)
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Control buttons
  • Bun warmer
  • Wattage: 1500W
  • 4 Slice toaster
  • Stainless steel elegant design
  • Full function with defrost, reheat, cancel settings
  • Automatic and manual switch off
  • Adjustable crust control
  • Power - 750W
  • Defrost/Reheat/Stop function
  • Automatic And Manual Switch-Off
  • Removable Crumb Tray
  • Variable Crust Control
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RAMTONS RM/195-Slice Pop Up Toaster

This Ramtons number is a 4 slice toaster. It has an elegant stainless steel design that looks good on your kitchen counter. Full function defrost, reheat & cancel settings, adjustable crust control and both manual and automatic switch off are just some of the toaster’s key features.

Generic 2 Slice Toaster

This toaster is both durable and affordable. It can fit all kinds of bread and features adjustable browning.

Von Hotpoint HT232DW – Two-Slice Toaster

Best toasters in kenya

This one is a 2 slice toaster with a removable crumb tray. It has control buttons and 7 settings for a perfect crunchy toast just the way you like it.

Cyber, 2-Slice Bread Toaster

This Cyber toaster has 6 browning controls. It makes 2 slices and the body is safely cool to the touch.


SATURN Toaster

This toaster has a defrost, reheat and stop functions. There are automatic and manual switch off and it also has a removable crumb tray. The only negative about this toaster is that it is a little pricey.

Von Hotpoint HT232DK – 2 Slice Toaster

In addition to functions in other toasters listed above, this Von Hotpoint toaster 7 browning control settings, electric control timer and an anti jam function. These features earn this toaster its place in this list of the best toasters in Kenya.

Hometech 2 – Slice Premium Bread Toaster

This toaster has 5 toasting options. The exterior remains cool at all times which makes it safe to use. It has an auto pop up, defrost and cancel function and a variable toasting control.

OHMS 4 Slice Pop-Up Bread Toaster

This one is big with a 4 slice toaster. The crumb tray slides out easily for easy clean up, it has an auto pop up and auto shut off function. It comes with a variable browning control and a cancel button.

Generic Bread Toaster, 2-Slice Vinchi

This Vinchi Toaster is brought to you by Generic. It is cool to touch for your own safety and has 6 browning controls.

OHMS Two Slice Bread Toaster

To conclude this list of best toasters in Kenya  is this OHMS one with variable electronic browning. The crumb tray is a slide out which makes it easy to clean. It also has an indicator light and an auto pop up and auto shut off.




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