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Diplomatic Office Supplies Limited is the sole distributor of Diplomat Safes within East Africa. As such we offer the best competitive prices as well as quality products. We understand the challenge that comes with having records, documents such as title deeds, log books, certificates, jewelry, licensed guns among other valuables in good order and safety without using much space.

Kindly find attached our catalogue and price guide for Diplomat Safes. They are all fireproof, waterproof, impact proof and burglar proof. They are dual controlled; key lock and digital combination lock. The combination lock can have two user codes or passwords. They come with 2yrs warranty against manufacturers defects. Delivery within Nairobi is not charged.

All these are available.

Kshs.35,450/= Diplomat Model 119EK Outside mm (360H x 412W x 363D) Weight 31 kg 1 Tray.

Kshs.69,500/= Diplomat Model 530EK Outside mm (522H x 404W; x 440D) Weight 53 kg 1 Tray 1 Shelf


Kshs.87,500/= Diplomat Model 060EHK Outside mm (660H x 470W x 470D) Weight 80 kg 1 Lockable Tray 1 Shelf


Diplomat Model 070EHK Outside mm (695H x 500W x 500D) Weight 90 kg 1 Lockable Tray 1 Shelf Kshs.102,000/=


Diplomat Model 080EHK Outside mm (876H x 520W x 520D) Weight 122 kg 1 Lockable Tray 1 Shelf Kshs.129,000/=


Diplomat Model 100EHK Outside mm (1020H x 655W x 560D) Weight 201 kg 1 Lockable Tray 2 Shelves Kshs.175,000/=


Diplomat Model 120EHK Outside mm (1220H x 655W x 560D) Weight 228 kg 1 Lockable Tray 2 Shelves Kshs.195,000/=


Diplomat Four Drawer Filing Cabinet Model DFC4000KC Outside mm (1466H x 528W x 675D) Weight 266 kg Four key locks + one combination lock Kshs.169,000/=

To purchase call 0722 762 071 or 020 35 99 371 to contact Diplomatic Office Supplies Limited, located at Maasai Mall. You can also get more information on their website

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