How to Shop / Place an Order on Jumia Kenya

Featured Hot Deals and Offers

Please feel free to browse the various ranges below
All orders are processed via Jumia Kenya for the best possible customer service

Featured Hot Deals and Offers

Please feel free to browse the various ranges below
All orders are processed via Jumia Kenya for the best possible customer service

Jumia Kenya’s site is very easy to navigate. Ordering from the online store is as easy as pie. In this post we look at how to shop on Jumia Kenya. Just follow these simple steps:

How to Shop on Jumia Kenya

  1. Visit by clicking on the link
  2. Search for the items you need to purchase in the categories section to the top left corner or simply type in the name of the item you are searching for in the search field as shown below.
  3. Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button to add the item to the shopping cart
  4. You can now proceed to checkout, or you can continue shopping by searching and selecting more items until the shopping cart is filled with everything you need
  5. When done shopping, hover over the shopping cart to see the items you have purchased and click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’
  6. If you are a new customer, enter your email address to signup. Existing customers need only input their email addresses and password to log into their account.
  7. Enter your address in step seven. If you would like your billing address to be the same as your shipping address, ensure you input the exact point you are to pick up your items
  8. You can either select your shipping address to be the same as the billing address or you can enter the new shipping address as the point where you would like to pick up your goods
  9. Select ‘Deliver to Your Home or Office’ and click on ‘Save and Continue’
  10. You have different payment options. Paypal, Mpesa or cash on delivery. For Mpesa payment, you can see how to go about it in this post. It is however straight forward and you will see the instructions on 
  11. Now relax and wait for a call from Jumia Kenya to confirm your order. Depending on where in Kenya you are, it should take less than 7 days to have your item delivered to your doorstep

Happy shopping 🙂


Do you have any question or query? We are here to be of help. Kindly leave a comment below.
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22 thoughts on “How to Shop / Place an Order on Jumia Kenya”

  1. when buying a phone from jumia am i allowed to open the package and check it its legit before i pay?

  2. I see no shipping address and also when I try putting my postal address its not valid how do i go about this

  3. What am I supposed to put on landmark it says invalid

    1. Put a school or a well known institution

  4. I have a question. Lets say I buy a product, a generic game pad for example. I don’t want to incur any overhead costs on delivery. Is it possible for me to just come pick up my product at town and pay on delivery.

    1. Yes. You can pick it up in any of these pick up points. Jumia express products are delivered for free within Nairobi.

  5. i needed a item that cost ksh 1200 when i proceeded with purchase i saw another shipping cost of around ksh 4000 ,is this how it works or i will pay ksh 1200.

    1. Hey Dennis. Delivery charges depend on where you are. That sounds extremely high though.

  6. I wanted to buy a product and it be delivered at karen hardy.Is it possible?

    1. Yes, Annette. It will be delivered to you.

  7. Do you pay first or one pays after receiving the delivery

    1. Each order is different. For some items, it is possible to pay on delivery. For others, especially orders above 40,000 shillings, you have to pay before hand.

  8. what are the charges of delivering television set in Mumias town?

    1. Hey Patrick, pricing of delivery varies from place to place and from item to item. Just click on ‘Buy Now’ on the TV you want and you can be able to see the delivery fee during checkout. Take advantage Jumia anniversary deals that is currently ongoing to save big as you get the Television of your choice.

  9. Do you have some items for sale in Nairobi stores ?I need wrist blood pressure monitor,laser pointer.

  10. Hi can I order an item that it’s not listed maybe jumia can ship it for me it’s a Moto e4 plus screen replacement

  11. Am in Busia and I need a dell laptop, do you deliver across the country and at what cost?

  12. duncun odhiambo says:

    I’m in Mombasa but I want to buy tecno w3 , but I don’t want to put my order I want to come direct to jumia office to buy it,,, it’s possible ??if possible where is your branches in Mombasa so that I can come plz help

  13. Morris Koome says:

    Hello there, Ive gone through the procedures on how to shop from Jumia Kenya. I need you explanation on one thing. this pertains the address or the place I have to pick the item.
    For now I’m in Meru Town. Can I only use Meru’s 60200 code?

  14. I want to purchase an item which is already in cart but whenever I i select ‘complete order’,it says ‘cart updated’what might be the problem?

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