Laptops Online in Kenya
It is unusual to find an association that doesn’t make use of Laptops to work out everyday tasks and objectives. They are moveable and easy to carry around from one location to another. Apart from using it in the office, they are used by students in schools, at home, mostly anywhere due to its backup power which is the batteries. There is a lot of major disparity between the laptop and desktop but the two major reasons the laptop has an edge over the desktop is due to its size as one can move around with and backing batteries. Laptops are used to carry out various functions such as 3D modeling, watching movies, writing projects, making research, saving important files and documents, connect to the internet in order to surf the web, and more.

Choosing the Right Laptop
Shopping for laptops online can be really strenuous due to the availability of many varieties to choose from. These options make you start wonder which you ought to go for but with this guide, you are sure to know the key things to look out for.
1. Brand Matters: A lot of people buy laptops according to the product name because they trust the brand. This is an important decisive factor because there are more than a few top brands of laptop manufacturers out there every one offering unique specifications. You can prefer from these brands – HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer,
MACBOOKS(Apple), and more.

2. Motherboard: This is the main part of every laptop. It is the circuitry board where all ports, connections, and more are incorporated all together. There are dissimilar types of motherboards which are used in laptops, they are AT (Advance Technology) motherboard, ATX (Advance Technology eXtended) motherboard, Baby AT motherboards which is a grouping of XT and AT, and XT (eXtended Technology) motherboards.

3. Microprocessor: There are several components that make up the laptop expertise, one of the most significant is the microchip also known as CPU or processor. This is a multi-purpose, register based, a clock driven programmable tool that is inserted into the motherboard which accepts digital or binary data as input, processes it according to commands stored in its memory. They principally operate on numbers and symbols at the binary level of the mathematical system. In deciding which laptop to buy, you should think about the processor clock speed which is measured in Gigahertz(GHz)

4. Random Access Memory: This is represented as RAM. It is a capricious memory unit of the laptop that helps store up instruction and operations for the moment as long as the laptop is on. Once the laptop is turned off, it loses every information in its memory. It works hand in hand with the processor especially during booting, the OS of the system is encumbered into the RAM along with other programs and files. It is usually measured in Gigabytes. A smallest amount of 4GB RAM should be what you should reflect on when choosing a appropriate laptop.

5. Internal Storage Memory: New generation laptops currently come with two options of the internal storage unit which are HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and SSD (Solid State Drive). The SSD is the descendant to the HDD with much more enhanced speed and functionality. particularly during booting, the SSD boots up to 10 times quicker than the HDD. But it doesn’t hold up enough capacity space as much as the HDD but with technological improvement, it will absolutely get there. For an appropriate laptop, you should select ones with both storage unit. It is usually measured in Gigabytes. For the HDD, a lowest amount of 500GB should be painstaking and for the SSD, a minimum of 128GB should be considered.

6. Connectivity: This include ports and wireless expertise such as Bluetooth which have to be present. Most particularly the USB ports, it is worthwhile to stick to laptops with a minimum of 3 USB ports for connecting peripherals such as mouse, keyboards, speakers and more. As well, Bluetooth connection for sharing and transferring files and documents, also for coupling with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Wi-Fi card is also an significant feature to look out for. This enables you to fix to wireless networks in order to surf the web, right to use your social media accounts, stream live videos and music, and so much more.
Where to Buy Laptops in Kenya
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