RAMTONS 3Gas+1Electric 60X60 Cooker

RAMTONS (RF/320,321 & 322) 3Gas+1Electric 60X60 Cooker

The RAMTONS 3Gas+1Electric 60X60 Cooker has a big electric oven plus an electric grill. It has 3 gas burners as well as one electric plate which can prove extremely important when your gas runs out at night or when you are in the middle of cooking. The self igniting cooker comes with a wire shelf and a free baking tray.

RAMTONS 3Gas+1Electric 60X60 Cooker
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Key Features for RAMTONS 3Gas+1Electric 60X60 Cooker

  • 3 gas burners+1 Electric plate
  • 60×60 Cooktop
  • Auto ignition
  • Double glass oven door
  • Rotisserie
  • Oven light
  • Electric oven/grill
  • Thermostat
  • Easy-cleaning oven (removable panels)

The oven comes in three colours; black, silver and brown.It also features a one year warranty.


Buy RAMTONS 3Gas+1Electric 60X60 Cooker below

Nobody needs the hussle of having to buy a large appliance like a cooker in the supermarket and deal with the stress that comes with taking it home. Just order online and have it delivered to your doorstep. You can buy this cooker by clicking the links below. Just click on the corresponding image to view details and to make your order.

RAMTONS RF/321 – 3G+1E – 60X60 Cooker – Silver

RAMTONS 3Gas+1Electric 60X60 Cooker
Silver – Ksh. 32,995

RAMTONS RF/322 – 3G+1E – 60X60 – Cooker- Black

Brown – Ksh. 32,995

RAMTONS RF/320 – 3G+1E – 60X60 – Cooker – Brown

How RAMTONS 3Gas+1Electric 60X60 Cooker compares to other Ramtons Cookers

Features RAMTONS EB/300-310 RAMTONS RF/320-322 RAMTONS RF/400-403 RAMTONS RF/404-407
Burners 4 Gas Burners 4 Gas Burners 4 Gas Burners 4 Gas Burners
Oven Lamp
Rotating Grill
Self Ignition
Timer 60 Min
Sliding Shelf
Warming Drawer
Double Glass Door
Adjustable Legs
Oven Gas Electric Electric Electric
Baking Tray
Wire Shelf
Oven Size 50 X 50 60 X 60 50 X 60 60 X 60
Cook Top 55 X 55
LxWxH 81x66x60 81x66x60
Weight 45 45 36
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Price Ksh. 17,250 Ksh. 32,995 Ksh. 26,995 Ksh. 26,495
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