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Shaani TVs: Review, Specs and Prices

Shaani TVs were seen recently  in Kenyan market. Since there entrance into the market, they have actually out shined the other established brands. Their demand rose such that to get one is hard, currently, they are sold by Jumia Kenya though i believe they are still also available in other outlets. The reason for high demand is simply because they are cheap and comes with incredible features.

Features of Shaani TVs

  • Sleek Design
  • HD Resolution
  • Quality and clear Picture
  • Wide Color enhancer
  • Multimedia Connectivity support
  • Inbuilt free to air decoder
  • Energy Saving TVs

Shaani TVS Prices in Kenya

 Model Price
Shaani 19 Inch HD LED Digital TV KSh 9,999 – See More Details!
Shaani 24 Inch HD LED Digital TV KSh 11,499 – See More Details!
Shaani 32 Inch  HD LED Digital TV KSh 16,499 – See More Details!
Shaan40 Inch HD LED Digital TV KSh 26,999 – See More Details!

Reasons to Buy Shaani TVS

Elegant Design

Shaani TVs adds a  stylish feel to your home. Their unique shape and lively features brighten your entire room.  From their design, you can decide to mount them onto your wall or on TV stands, whichever your choice, they clear beautiful view.

Inbuilt free to air decoder

Shaani TVs has a digital tuner that allows one to watch free-to-air TV channels. With such,   you can save on money you would have otherwise used to purchase a decoder.

Quality and clear Picture

Shaani TVS  have   hyperreal   engine and a resolution   of 1,366 x 768  that   improves the   quality   of any image, making   the pictures unbelievably  crisp and clear.

Wide   color   Enhancer

Shaani TVs have  wide color enhancer  responsible for  improving the quality of any   image and  delivers more rich & diverse courthouse making your viewing experience  beautiful.

Multimedia Connectivity support

Shaani TVS comes with 1HDMI input,1 AV in,1 PC audio,1 USB in to enable you connect your TV to any gadget. In addition to that,it also allows you to watch your pictures or content directly from the USB port.

Energy Saving Tvs

Shaani TVS exhibits low-power consumption and uses a lightning technology that does not impact negatively on the environment.

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