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TCL TVs: Review, Specs and Prices

Root of TCL TVs

TCL TVs origiantes from China. Since 1981, they have spread from China to almost all the other parts of the World.  The company has its headquarters in Huizhou, China. As at now, TCL is one of the largest TV brands worldwide. As per the survey contacted, as per 2016, they had sold over 20 million TV sets worldwide with North America and Asia being their biggest market.

Entrance of TCL TVs Into Kenyan Market

TCL TVs were first seen in Kenya in the year  2013. They are sold and distributed by several accredited TCL TV dealers in Kenya and on TCL TV Jumia Kenya. The most common TCL TVs in Kenya are 24 inch, 32 inch, 40 inch and 43 inch TVs. There is no TCL TV service center in Kenya, but your TCL dealers or vendors can effectively deal with any issues may arise.

Features of TCL TVs

  • Good picture quality
  • 1 year Warranty
  • Cheap and Reliable
  • Inbuilt free to air decoder
  • Slim design
  • Smart TV support
  • Multimedia connectivity support
  • Full HD  Resolution

TCL TV Prices In Kenya

Model Price
TCL 24 Inch HD Digital LED TV KSh 12,999 See More Details!
TCL 28 Inch HD Digital LED TV KSh 18,500 See More Details!
TCL 32 Inch HD Digital LED TV KSh 20,499 See More Details!
TCL 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV KSh 22,999 See More Details!
TCL 40 Inch Full HD Smart TV KSh 35,499 See More Details!
TCL 43 Inch Full HD Smart TV KSh 38,999 See More Details!
TCL 48 Inch Full HD Smart Curved TV KSh 46,999 See More Details!
TCL 55 Inch Full HD Smart Curved TV KSh 71,000 See More Details!


Reasons to Buy  TCL TV

Good Picture Quality

We say size does not matter, in this case, whether small, medium or large, the TCL TVs Picture quality is the same. . TCL TVs use LED display technology to produce crisp and bright images with great contrast.

Sleek  Design

Decorate your living room with TCL TV as they have  sleek and beautiful design. Whether standing or mounted in a wall, they give beautiful look.

Energy saving TVs

TCL TVs have greater energy efficiency as they come with present energy saving settings to ensure minimal increase in your power bill after buying your TCL TV.

Cheap and Reliable

TCL is associated with quality and affordable TVs. One reason they have manged to maintain pocket friendly prices for their TVs without compromising quality is because they are a fully vertical integrated TV company.
TCL TVs also do have long lifespan.

Multimedia Connectivity support

TCL TVs  have HDMI ports, USB ports, VGA ports, a cable port and video ports which allow connectivity to several media devices.  With those, you can connect all the  devices at once and switch to your desired device using the input button in the remote control.

One Year Warranty

All TCL TVs come with a one-year warranty. That is to mean in the case it malfunctions,  your TCL TV will be replaced within a year of purchasing it

 Inbuilt free to air decoder

All TCL TVs  are digital TVs and thus  allows you to watch free to air channels in Kenya without having to buy a decoder. The TCL smart TV models sold in Kenya come with Go Live App that allows one to stream free to air channels from all over the world via the internet.

Full HD Resolution

A full HD TV has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and give excellent picture quality while consuming less power. And this is the case with TCL TVs.

Smart TV Support

Smart TVs are TVs that support internet connectivity thus allowing you  to stream and watch your favorite shows in the internet. Though not all, some TCL TVs are smart.

Where to Buy TCL TVs

You can get quality TCL TVs in Jumia Kenya as they do accept return in case it malfunctions within the warranty time.

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