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Toshiba TVs: Review, Specs and Prices

Toshiba TV originates from Japan. The company has its global headquarters in Tokyo. Toshiba company was formed in 1939 from merging of  two major electric companies  to form Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. (TOSHIBA).  Since then, the company has grown to become a leader and innovator in the electronic industry.

Apart from TVs, Toshiba also manufactures  electric gadgets like; laptops, batteries, communication systems and electronic circuits. Toshiba TVs are one of the most established TV brands in the world.

The first Toshiba TV was seen in Kenya in the 1980s though disappeared before emerging again in the year 2015. Toshiba TVs in Kenya are imported and distributed by Armco Kenya. In Kenya, the most recommended Toshiba TVs are the 22 inch and 32 inch Toshiba TV.

Features Of Toshiba TVs

  • Inbuilt free to air decoder
  • Quality Pictures
  • Multimedia Connectivity support
  • Cheaper and Reliable
  • Recording support
  • Dolby Sound enhancer
  • Energy saving TV

Toshiba TV Prices

 Model Price
Toshiba 32 Inch  HD LED TV KSh 23,995 See More Details!
Toshiba 43 Inch Digital  HD LED TV KSh 49,995 See More Details!


Reasons to Buy  Toshiba TVs

Full HD LED Display

Toshiba TVs are categorized by Lively colors, bright visuals, and high brightness features that make these TVs a worth considering. To give clear view, the images go through modification to ensure  anything displayed is per  Hotpoint specifications.

Energy Saving TVs

Toshiba TVs exhibits low-power consumption and uses a lightning technology that does not impact negatively on the environment.

Smart TV support

Though not all, some Toshiba Tvs are smart TVs. They support internet Connectivity ,browsing,and streaming.With such, you can stream your favorite TV shows directly through your TV.

Inbuilt free to air decoder

Toshiba TVs has a digital tuner that allows one to watch free-to-air TV channels. With such,   you can save on money you would have otherwise used to purchase a decoder.

Elegant Design

Von Toshiba TVs adds a  stylish feel to your home. Their unique shape and lively features brighten your entire room.  From their design, you can decide to mount them onto your wall or on TV stands, whichever your choice, they clear beautiful view.

Warranty and Support

All Toshiba TVs in Kenya have one year warranty. With this warranty, you can be sure that in case of any technical issues, you will return the TV to the seller and get replacement.

 Model Price
Toshiba 32 Inch  HD LED TV KSh 23,995 Order Now!
Toshiba 43 Inch Digital  HD LED TV KSh 49,995 Order Now!


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