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Unique Gift Items in Nairobi by GiftShoppe

Are you looking for a special gift or present for that special someone? Do you find it overwhelming hard deciding what gift to get for birthday and housewarming parties? Then this post is for you. It is a list of unique gift items that you can get in Nairobi. These products are unique, stylish and made from high quality & durable material.

We have done the dirty work for you so you never have to wonder where to get the perfect gift ever again.

Click on each image to see the latest price, order online and have the product delivered to you wherever you are.

Cute Onesie Key Holder

Unique Gift Items in Nairobi

Adorable Onesie Key Chain

These onesie key chains are just so adorable. If you are looking for baby boys’ favors, a birthday or baby shower present for a boy, then look no further!

Click on the image above for more details and pricing.

5L Oak Wine Barrel

5L Oak Wine Barrel

This is an aluminium foil lined oak barrel whose purpose is to age and increase the aroma of your wine. It is refilled by taking the faucet out, erecting the barrel and pouring the wine where the faucet is installed.

It is a perfect housewarming gift for a wine loving family. But who doesn’t love wine, right? The aluminum foil liner is food grade and the barrel is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Click the barrel image above to buy or to view more details.

3L Wine Barrel on Cart

3L Wine Barrel on Cart

Just like the previous barrel, this barrel is equally functional with a stylish twist. It has a capacity of 3 litres and comes on a horse and cart. Do click on the image for more details and pricing.

Swiss Folding Survival Knife

Swiss Folding Survival Knife

This Swiss knife is designed for both everyday and not-so-everyday projects. It is an essential handy-helper around and outside the house. The knife has so many functions it feels like having a toolbox in your pocket. Among the functions are blades, corkscrew, can opener, key ring, screwdriver, reamer, pliers, wire cutters, wire crimpers, files and saws among others.

It basically has a tool for any job you can think of; talk about the ultimate functionality in a single convenient tool.

Click on the knife image for details and pricing.

Vintage Leaf PU Leather Cover Notebook

This 90 paged notebook is a perfect gift for a lady you care for. It is fresh and natural, 100% high quality and has a PU leather cover. Get it for your girlfriend, wife, mom, daughter or sister today.

Click on the image for pricing.

Heart Kiss Emoji Cushion

Heart Kiss Emoji Cushion

This heart kiss emoji cushion is perfectly woven to be odor, lint and mess free. It is a perfect gift either for the holidays or as a decorative present for the kid’s bedroom, for living rooms or for themed birthday parties.

It is soft and plush to the skin. Click the image above for pricing and more details.

Push Style Round Ball Tea Infuser

This silver stainless steel infuser has a spring loaded push type handle that opens and shuts easily. You just have to add some tea leaves into the strainer, then stir it into hot water to make an aromatic cup of tea. It is a great addition to your kitchen and an even better gift or present. Click on the infuser image for more details.

GiftShoppe Oval Makeup Brush Set

unique gift items in Kenya

This special gift comes with two foundation brushes, two eyeshadow brushes, a lipstick brush and a concealer brush. Click on the image above for current pricing.


What do you think about these unique items? Which of these unique gift items / products do you like best for yourself or for your friend? Let us know in the comments below.

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