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Are you aware of the Jumia Voucher FIREWORKS campaign? For just this month, you are rewarded every time you shop with  the leading online retailer. Hurry though because the deals end on 31st March.

To save on this incredible offer, use the voucher codes below:


Voucher Code Your Voucher For Orders Above
FIRE_25 KSH. 250 KSH. 2,500
FIRE_55 KSH. 550 KSH. 5,500
FIRE_85 KSH. 850 KSH. 8,500
FIRE_115 KSH. 1,150 KSH. 11,500
FIRE_145 KSH. 1,450 KSH. 14,500

Visit the Voucher Fireworks page today to select the category you would like to save on. Happy shopping.

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